Ukraine's soldiers captured by Russia admit to breaking Russia's territorial waters

Russia has Detained 3 Ukrainian Naval Ships Breaking Russian Borders in Kerch Strait Crimea


Ukraine sent 2 small naval ships & a tug through the Kerch straights to go from Odessa to Mariupol without Russian authorization. They were stopped & Ukraine sent ships from Berdyansk in support & they were stopped. Russia defended the waters and impacted the tug while stopping them. (as seen in the video). Ukraine claimed two of the ships were fired on, injuring two military sailors, & that 3 ships were captured by Russian forces. Russia scrambled SU-25 jets & KA-52 helicopters over the straights.

Later Ukraine claimed two of their ships are being towed by another and they are being escorted by the Russian military. Ukraine now claims six sailors are injured.

The Russian Secret service "FSB" says "The UKRAINIAN NAVAL SHIPS "BERDYANSK", "NIKOPOL" and "YANY KAPU" after breaking the BORDER OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION have been DETAINED"

Russia says this was a provocation by Ukraine to increase tensions in the region. 

As a former US Navy sailor, I say: there is a process for these ships to pass through the straights safely. Why were these sailors put at risk this time when the process was followed many times before? It seems just Ukrainian political gain. Also I would be interested to know why the "YANY KAPU" not flying the Ukrainian flag, was it trying to hide?

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